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Food Handlers aka. Food Safety for Handlers Course

How long is the food handler course?
The ANSI requirement for food handler training is 2 hours.  All ANSI accredited courses for food handlers are approximately 2 hours in length.

How long is the food handler certification valid, how many years?
The ANSI requirement is three years (3 years); for food handler certificate programs, which covers the Responsible Serving® of Food.

Is this a state approved course?
Most states rely on ANSI to provide a process to develop and maintain food handler training.  The course is valid in most, but not all states.  From the home page, click on the food handler course, and you can view a map of state approvals.

What is ANSI?
ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute (, and in the case of our food handler course, they provide standards to ensure we continually review our training and update it to meet a high standard for the students education.  Many states require ANSI certification for the food handler course ( in which case approval is required before courses can be sold in that state).

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