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Food Safety Certification for Managers

Connecticut Food Safety Certification for Managers Information

Food Safety Certification for Managers Online Training & Certification

Class III and Class IV food service establishments, itinerant food vending establishments, or food catering establishments require each person operating or managing the establishment be a qualified food operator or employ on-site at least one qualified food operator who is in supervisory position.

To become a qualified food operator, you need to take an approved exam. To prepare for your exam, you can take our online Food Safety Certification for Managers course. The PSCC Food Manager Certification Course has been written to the FDA Food Code and will prepare you to take the exam to become a qualified food operator in Connecticut. The exam is not included in this course.

NOTE: Additional fees apply for taking your Certified Food Manager exam. The fees for the CFM exam are not included in this course.

Our course is an interactive course, with video, audio, animations, and flash cards to help you learn the material. At the end of the lesson is a quiz, and if you pass the quiz, you move on to the next lesson, if you don't pass, there is not any extra charge, you just go through the lesson again. The class is rated at 8 hours, but if you have experience, or know the material, you can get through the class quickly, but it is fine if it takes you longer, the main thing is that you know the material.

Once you have completed the PSCC Food Manager Certification course, you will be instructed on how you can register to take a proctored food manager exam. The exam is administered by a national organization and the fees for the exam are not included in the course.

Note: Local jurisdictions can, and often do, set requirements that exceed those of the state. Potential students are encouraged to check for any additional local requirements.

Connecticut Department of Public Health
Environmental Health
Food Protection
410 Capitol Avenue
PO Box 340308
Hartford, CT 06134

Food Safety Certification for Managers $199.95

You will have access to the course and be able to review the course material for 365 days after you login to the course initially.. Your certificate will be valid for 2 years.

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Food Safety Certification for Managers $199.95

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