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Bartender Mixology
Bartender Mixology Online Training & CertificationMore Details

Responsible Serving of Alcohol
Responsible Serving of Alcohol Online Training & CertificationMore Details
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Food Safety For Handlers
Food Safety For Handlers Online Training & CertificationMore Details

Food Safety Certification for Managers
Food Safety Certification for Managers Online Training & CertificationMore Details
$79.95 or

Food Manager Recertification
Master Package Online Training & CertificationAdd Food Manager Recertification to cart

Rserving Tobacco Certification
Rserving Tobacco Certification Online Training & CertificationMore Details

Liquor Knowledge
Liquor Knowledge Online Training & CertificationMore Details

Advanced Wine Knowledge
Advanced Wine Knowledge Online Training & CertificationMore Details

Waiter/Waitress Hospitality Course
Waiter/Waitress Hospitality Course Online Training & CertificationMore Details

Gratuity Secrets
Gratuity Secrets Online Training & CertificationMore Details

Club Drugs
Club Drugs Online Training & CertificationMore Details

Books, Logs, & Posters
Bar Products - Incident Logs, Forms, and MoreMore Information

SpecialsMore Information

Server Training Home

PSCC offers food and alcohol certification training for bars, restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery stores.  The leader in online training, PSCC is rated A+ by the BBB.  Upon graduation from one of our courses, you will receive your official wallet card and/or state license. We encourage you to explore all that PSCC has to offer; please see the map below for state approvals.  Take a PSCC course today!

Learn Bartending

Have fun, meet people, and make excellent money.  This interactive course provides training in alcohol, wine, customer service, and more. 

Responsible Serving of Alcohol - Special December Price!  
Obtain your alcohol seller/server or bartender license; PSCC offers courses for both on-premise and off-premise server permits.  Approved in most states. 

Responsible Serving for Food Handlers
Obtain your food handlers card (i.e., food handlers permit).  Please click the course on the right for state requirements.

Certified Food Manager (CFM)
Train online for your CFM; most states require a CFM for your bar or restaurant.  Simply click the course to the right to find your state requirements.

Re-Certification for Food Managers (CFM)

To renew your CFM, simply take this recertification course to meet your state requirements and stay up-to-date.  Depending your state, successful completion of this course may extend your certification for another 3 to 5 years. 

Rserving Tobacco
This course is designed to meet FDA guidelines for tobacco training and is useful for anyone involved in the selling of tobacco products.

Liquor Knowledge
Earn more money through product knowledge.  Learn more about the alcohol you are serving - such as taste and distilling processes - in order to provide even better, more-personalized customer service.

Wine Knowledge
If you want to work in a restaurant that serves wine, you can improve employability and increase your earnings by having knowledge of wine, fermenting processes, flavors, etc.  This is a great course to take for making wine suggestions to customers.

Waiter / Waitress
Earn more money by learning how to work in a high-end restaurant, take orders with proper technique, and provide excellent customer service.  This knowledge will help you get the job you desire.

Gratuity Secrets
TOP SECRET: This course offers you valuable tips on how to increase your income via tips! Learn how customer service can pack your restaurant/bar and give you higher earnings from tips.

Club Drugs
This training helps bartenders and servers recognize drug issues with their customers, which can help prevent disturbances.  Preventing disturbances helps maintain the happiness of customers.  This course is also used by state agencies for drug abuse training.

Incident Report Logs, Bartending Books, Posters
Using report logs is an effective method of reducing liability, which is a goal of many establishments.  Bartending books are a great resource for every bar, and Responsible Serving posters can be ordered for your entrance door.

Employer Packages and Master of Bartending
For employer discounts and employee/student tracking, please click the link provided or the tab at the top of this page.

Want the title of Master Bartender?  Get your Master Bartender Card today!  Our package deal will train you in various aspects of bartending and make you an elite bartender.  Order now - the current package price saves you over $125 and is a deal you cannot miss!

Wyoming Wisconsin West Virginia Washington DC Washington Virginia Vermont Utah Tennessee South Dakota South Carolina Rhode Island Pennsylvania Oregon Oklahoma Ohio North Dakota North Carolina New York New Mexico New Jersey New Hampshire California Nevada Nebraska Montana Missouri Mississippi Minnesota Michigan Massachussets Maryland Maine Louisiana Kentucky Kansas Iowa Indiana Illinois Illinois Idaho Idaho Idaho Hawaii Georgia Georgia Delaware Connecticut Colorado Arkansas Arizona Texas Florida Alaska Alabama Choose a state to view bartending license requirements for that state.

Click on your state to find out more information about state requirements for selling or serving alcohol.

Choose a state to view bartending license requirements for that state.
Click on your state to find out more information about state requirements for selling or serving alcohol.

Minimum ages to bartend

Alabama 21
Alaska 21
Arizona 19
Arkansas 21
California 21
Colorado 18*
Connecticut 18
Delaware 21
District of Columbia 21
Florida 18
Georgia 18
Hawaii 18
Idaho 19
  Illinois 18**
Indiana 21
Iowa 18
Kansas 21
Kentucky 20
Louisiana 18
Maine 18
Maryland 21
Massachusetts 18
Michigan 18
Minnesota 18
Mississippi 21
Missouri 21
  Montana 18
Nebraska 19
Nevada 21
New Hampshire 18
New Jersey 18
New Mexico 21
New York 18
North Carolina 21
North Dakota 21
Ohio 21
Oklahoma 21
Oregon 21
Pennsylvania 18
  Rhode Island 18
South Carolina 21
South Dakota 21
Tennessee 18
Texas 18
Utah 21
Vermont 18
Virginia 21
Washington 21
West Virginia 18*
Wisconsin 18
Wyoming 21

* With supervisor that is 21.
** Unless local ordinance has higher requirements. 21 in Chicago.